Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Welp, I suppose I'm back from vacation...*sigh*

It was pretty good.  Sean and I were absolutely sick (and trading our illnesses back and forth) for most of it.  He had a light stomach flu.  While he had stomach flu, I had this "Upper body infection" which is what I affectionately call this thing I get where my throat is infected/swolled/etc, then that infection moves into my chest, nose, ears and eyes.  Yes, my eyes.  Then, we traded.

Oh yeah, and we started potty training.

At least I got to play my video game lots?  heh.

It was 99% a good vacation though.  It was really nice to have Sean home everyday.  We didn't even get sick of each other!

Sean's mother did come down last week.

We did get some awful news though.  I think I've mentioned on here in the past that I'm now running a branch of our provincial Wiccan "Church".  The High Priestess of the province, who is a good friend, went into the hospital with eye problems last Friday to discover she had been having a series of small strokes over the course of the previous few weeks.  It's been kind of a crazy time.

We set up a chip in account for her, and we've been doing fundraising to try to help her stay on her feet once she gets out of the hospital.

So yeah.  That has pretty much been my vacation.  Now, I'm just trying to catch up with everything I missed! So much happens in a two week time period....

What has everyone been up to?

Goddess Bless,


  1. Wow, you have been busy. Hopefully healing will be complete soon and life will settle back into what passes from normal. Good luck with the potty training and fundraising!

  2. I hope you're all feeling better soon and that your friend receives the best care possible.

    Here been busy making stuff, so busy I'm slacking on the blog. lol Will be glad to see you back around though.

    Oh and I bought Skyrim, I'll soon be sucked in and then I'll get nothing done!