Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guest Post by Katrina Kent!

 Well folks, here it is.  The 100th post!  In celebration of that, we have a guest post today of by the talented Katrina Kent.  So here it is!  Enjoy

Do Pagans Fear The Word ‘Religion’?

I’ve found myself recently thinking about the word religion. Some members of the Pagan community spend a large portion of their time trying to prove to the rest of the world that we are a religion like any other. Yet it seems the rest of us shy away from the word “religion” entirely.

Are we a religion like any other? I’ve been on the Pagan Path for over ten years now and I discovered recently that I hesitate when it comes to the word religion. Why is that? Do we automatically associate “religion” with “Christian”? Do we fear being associated with the negatives of religious history? So many of us will say “I’m not religious, I’m more spiritual.” What exactly does that mean? I’m not saying you can’t be spiritual, I’m saying don’t label yourself “spiritual” simply because you are afraid of what it would mean to label yourself religious.
No matter what the reason is that so many of us shy away from the term “religious”, I think it is important that we are aware of it and examine it within our own minds and our community. I believe this is an important step in our own growth as individuals and in the growth of the various religions pagans attune to. By shying away from the word religion we merely perpetuate our negative emotions toward the members of other religious followings.
One of the things that first drew me to Paganism was the opportunity for acceptance. We are a religion like no other, but a religion all the same. I believe we need to embrace this word religion. Embrace the strength that comes from being a religion.
Do you shy away from using the word religion? Or is it just me?

Katrina Kent is an aspiring writer from New England who has been walking the Pagan path for over ten years. She works as a direct care aid to children on the Autism spectrum and is working toward her B.A. in English.  Find her on her blog and on Twitter!


  1. I'm in agreement with you. Stand up, be proud, declare our religion!
    Nice post.

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