Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today, I'm not Canadian.

Seriously.  Maybe I'll pretend to be from...Australia.  Still in the commonwealth, but with kangaroos!

If any of you haven't heard, the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins yesterday.  I mean, seriously.  It's hockey.  No matter how much you like hockey, it's not the end of the world, is it?

Is it?

I was in disbelief watching live streaming video of the riots last night.  Actually, I'm lying.  It happened when they didn't get the cup in 1994, too.  Actually, this probably would have happened even if the Canucks had won the cup.

So today I'm somewhat embarrassed to be Canadian.  Seriously, we aren't all like this.  I promise.  Will you take bribes?  I'll bake you cookies!  In any case, lets just hope everyone made it out of this alive and that there wasn't too much looting.  Hopefully the insurance companies won't be difficult about it.  Is there such a thing as riot insurance?  **Update:  Apparently there were no deaths, thank the Gods.  Multiple injuries and a few people in critical condition, though.

I think that's it for today, I'm to disgusted with my fellow countrymen to properly write anything.



  1. I like kangaroos.

    And hockey.

    But I cheer for power plays, not for teams. :D

  2. Yes, Freckles! Me too, when I watch hockey. I don't really have a team, haha.

  3. No worries sweets. . . not all Canadians are like this this is the loud a raucous few with ill intent, not a reflection of you and yours. Blessings sweets. . . never be ashamed of who or what you are.

  4. I wonder if any of my relatives were causing trouble...sigh...I wouldn't be suprised. Oh well...don't worry I'll forgive everyone for some macadamia nut cookies ;)

  5. Our priorities seem to be slightly skewed. Rioting for sports? Are we so petty and comfortable in North America? I find it difficult to put this in perspective when I think about all the protests going on in the Middle East right now. They have real human rights issues. Let's send positive, healing energy to the folks involved in the riots in Vancouver. Violence whether real or thought only begets violence.

  6. I'll take some cookies, please! :) But not as a bribe... just because I like cookies, lol.

    It's sad how it's the vocal minority that can make a whole group look bad, and that's what it looks like is going on here. :( Guh, I'm sorry!! This kind of stuff just makes me so upset.

    It's hockey, people. Let it go.

  7. When I heard about the violence, I said, "I thought Canadians were supposed to be nice and polite, even when "bad" things happen." Cookies will restore my confidence! ;-)