Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blacklisted! Sorta.

We take a break from our regularly scheduled Divination post today.  Today, I'm posting something else.  I don't know the whole story, and I don't know entirely how to explain it best.  So I'll leave that to Mrs.B, who posted this (along with the link) on her Facebook page:

"A FB group has created a "manifesto" list of people in the Pagan community for it's members to harass.  Apparently, it's announced war on another group, and mined that group's member's friends list to create a master list of people they feel need to be attacked online - including the name of at least one minor child.  Names on the list include such people as Star Foster from Patheos and authors Judika Illes and Raymon Buckland, among others.  Visit Pagans against Plagiarism and read the note "Goblin" to see the list of names.  It is a closed group, so I'm not even sure how to report this group for it's actions."

Yes, the wonderful people at Pagans against Plagiarism posted in a note what had been posted on this other FB page before the group became secret.  The note can be found here, but the following will give you an idea of the type of people this Goblin Hunters group is:

Goblin Hunter: We need You!!! List of escaped goblins nasty horrid gremnasties i need to bring back underground DEEP UNDERGROUND to the mines of Mogodon

Goblin Hunter: We need You!!! List of escaped goblins nasty horrid gremnasties i need to bring back underground

TO: the real people who want to show just how horrible facebook can be with fake accounts and goblins running all over the place. I am here to find those nasty escaped goblins and bring them back down underhill where they belongs.

fluffy Bunnie coven and there abuse of genuine people. - WELL DONE

I am a real goblin not a real person Goblin Hunter

nasty nasty goblins

Ignoring, for the time being that my first account was deleted, The Whacko Jacko aka Name Removed, Name Removed and Name Removed s ridiculous stockpiling of international goblins mindwreckers as if they're the scarcest of commodities on our planet , it would appear that Whacko, Name Removed and Name Removed under the keen eye of Name Removed are is embarking on a policy of assembling a goblin team to really frighten opponents… with their physical weirdness.

There is a whole big story behind this which can be found, again, at Pagans against Plagiarism.  There has been an amount of confusion this morning over this, and I want to stress that the Pagans against Plagiarism group are *not* the ones saying these things, they re-posted it so that other's would know.  This Goblin Hunter group *has* been reported to Facebook by several people.

The really strange thing?  I'm on the list.  I'm strangely flattered, actually.  Which is probably the opposite of how they want people on that list to feel.  Ah well!

Goddess Bless,


  1. Oh the smell of intolerance and insanity in the morning. At least you are keeping your sense of humor.

  2. This person writes like they need to be locked up in a mental institute. Honestly, I couldn't make heads or tails of the letter. It makes no sense to me. *rolls eyes* Idiots.

  3. I can't even understand half of that note. It amazes me that other people could make it out! o.O

    Congrats for being awesome enough to harass!

  4. Thanks all. :) Hailey, that an AWESOME way of describing it! I'm totally nicking that. Love it.

  5. I'm with Freckles -- I'm STILL confused as to what's going on!

  6. oh, people are pathetic....just shows how sad their lives truly are. I believe my FB page is private. I was viciously attacked a few months ago on another site--a family site, mind you. A group of hens cyberstalked my to myspace, Witchbook, and tried on Facebook. Myspace account is gone. WB isn't private, but Fb is. Either way, I reported them to Blessings and thanks for the post!