Friday, May 27, 2011

Simply Human

In case some of you don't know the all the crazy that happened on the interwebz yesterday, I'll recap it here for you.

This woman who shall not be named nor linked here (Link can be found on Pagan Mom Blog's Facebook Page) was in the running for Top 25 faith blogs by Moms, via Circle of Mom's.  She stated on her blog how the inclusion of Pagans in this friendly contest is "an attack on Christ", and there are dozens of comments personally attacking pagan moms.  One comment specifically, is this:  "I was so disturbed to see those...especially the blog of the Pagan (witch) mother with a CHRISTIAN husband!?!?! I just can't understand how a Christian could be married to some-one who practices witchcraft!? Scary.  Praying for their children!".  You know, like Angela over at Pagan Mom Blog.  Who is in an interfaith marriage, with a man who believes in the Christian God.  Apparently some types of interfaith marriage acceptable, but others are not.  I had an opportunity to talk to Angela yesterday.  She told me, "I am really saddened that what should be a friendly competition has spiraled into fear mongering.  I hope that the ladies can find some peace in their hearts and live unafraid.".  Her husband had this to say:  "I find it absurd that she chose to single out Pagans, without mentioning any of the other Religious blogs in the running.  Probably felt you were a small enough community not to get blasted too hard.  Guess she learned otherwise.  And it really helps when true faith comes to your defense as well."

There was talk by Mrs.B of emailing Circle of Moms to let them know of the intolerance the woman in the number two spot was spreading.  I did email them.  We can't just sit by, idle, and let people spread these things. Are we going to tell her she can't believe what she wants?  No.  That doesn't mean we are going to let people say nasty things about us or our beliefs.  Both Angela and Mrs. B handled everything with dignity and grace.  Today, Mrs.B has posted about yesterday's events, as well as this darling quote which I just had to share also:

"Two of my most favorite bloggers are in the top 25 so far at Circle of Moms' Top 25 Faith Blogs. Unfortunately, Circle of Moms' top 25 "faith" blogs includes pagans/witches.  Since yesterday, the pagan soccer mom's blog has moved from the teens to 2nd place, and there aren't very many votes (relatively speaking) separating 1st (a Christian blog) and 2nd place.  Would you guys please help by voting daily till the contest is over? It literally is bringing tears to my eyes to think a pagan blogger could win 1st place in a "Faith Blog" contest. "  You can find the original source on this message board.   (Also, remember to go vote for Mrs.B and all the others!!  Voting is once a day, everyday until June 8.)

Thank Goddess that not all Christians are like that.  Obviously, there is no issue with them having their own faith.  We aren't stopping them from believe what they wish, nor are we ridiculing them for it.  So why don't we get the same courtesy?

In the end, it isn't even about common courtesy.  It's about being human.  What if we were all human enough?  Human Rights applies to all humans...not just a few.  Look at all the times in history where being human wasn't enough...because some people weren't thought of as human?  The Witch Burnings, of course, but also the holocaust, the massacre of Native American peoples, the Slavery of numerous peoples around the world.  All you have to see is a picture of a white man inspecting the teeth of a black man as he would his horse to understand that some people refuse to see the humanity of others.  Though those times are past, the fight to simply be human enough continues.

We are all human enough.  We are all human enough to deserve to live, to deserve to have faith, to make our own decisions.  We are all human enough to deserve to have rights, and we are all human enough to allow other's their rights.  We all deserve to live in our chosen way without ridicule, with common courtesy being shown to us.  There is no message in this world that needs sending more than that of tolerance.

Goddess Bless,



  1. All you have to see is a picture of a white man inspecting the teeth of a black man as he would his horse to understand that some people refuse to see the humanity of others. Though those times are past, the fight to simply be human enough continues.

    Horrific treatment by humans to humans still goes on. This is not by any means in the past. It may not be in our back door but there is still alot of work to be done around tolerance and acceptance.


  2. Thanks for the comment! :) I do know that terrible treatment of people takes place...I was just emphasizing the situations that have existed in the past, the situations which people most identify the hideous treatment of humanity. I believe I did say "though those times are past", I certainly did not mean to imply that it doesn't happen any more.

    Blessed Be!

  3. This is such a beautiful post. I love that you seek the beauty that each person holds, regardless of who or what that person is. I hope everyone who reads this walks away seeing others -- and themselves! -- in a new light.

    I know I will. :)

  4. Thanks, Stephanie! It's a constant endeavor. I'm so glad that my words have touched you. :)

  5. I just found your blog and as a Pagan mom, I find it absolutely amazing. :)

    But I found you with this I may be fashionably late to this party but Bravo! I know what it's like. My Christian mom lives with us (My DH and our 2 kids 16 & 20 who have both chosen a Pagan path) and we have been dealing with this type of issue since we "came out." lol I missed the voting, but I hope the Pagan mom at least held on to her 2nd place although I would have smiled (forgive me) if she had managed to vault to 1st.

    I once heard it described as all of us are standing in a room, and on the other side of the room is a candle which represents the Devine, between us and the candle is a stained glass window. We are all looking at the same candle but through different glass. I thought that described the situation in an amazing way.

    Too bad others don't know the meaning of the word tolerance.