Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Family Litha Ritual

Ah, Litha!  The first Sabbat of the year where we can actually do a ritual outside!  I love it.  Litha is less than a week before my birthday, so that might add to the excitement.  Here is a simple Litha ritual for you, with something for the kids to do and contribute as well!

Items needed:
Regular Ritual Tools
1 white tea light for everyone present
Bread and Flowers
Extra flowers, fake or real, for the children.  While doing the ritual, the children can braid the flowers in to garlands to be used in the offering to the Gods.

Place the candles on the altar in a circle. Cast the circle as normal and say:

As fertile fields are bearing fruit,
Midsummer's day shall come and go.
Now the Holly King's rule Begins,
The waning part of the year does flow.

Have everyone light the candles in Deosil/Clockwise manner.

Before the dark half of the year,
The sun will burn more brightly here.
Oak King, please before you go,
Heat the summer air just so.

We take this time to reaffirm,
Our vows to you, Goddess.
Keep our words,
and know that they were spoken
with perfect love and perfect trust.

At this time you can speak what you will to the Goddess.

Take the bread and flowers. You can lay them in the offering bowl and take them outside later, or if you are outside, simply lay them on the earth. Say:

Lord and Lady, accept our offerings. Thank you for blessing us with your light.

You can then do any other magick, cakes and ale and close your circle as you see fit.

What do you like to do at your Litha celebrations?

Goddess Bless,



  1. Ohh, I love this! :D Do you mind if I reference it when I get to ritual this week? I love these family rituals!

  2. Thanks!

    And yes, go ahead and reference it! I'd be honoured! :)

  3. I love this ritual. I will defaintly be using this, this year.