Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Well folks, I've not been posting because I'm too busy packing and far too excited for our vacation!  We are headed up to Banff for a few days.  If you've never been to Banff, you need to go.  You can never have too much Banff.  It looks like this:

And this:

And we are going on this, because it is awesome and Sean has never been on it:

I'm so excited.  Sean is counting down the hours, he sent me a text at about 11am today, and he said, "This time tomorrow we will be looking at mountains!!!"  Ha.  It will be Brianna's first time seeing mountains.  Yes, hence the lack of postingness.  

So, we are leaving tomorrow morning, and we will be back sometime next week.  Don't know the day yet!  Hope you all have a wonderful week.  I'll share pictures when I get back, promise!

Goddess Bless,

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  1. WOW. I am admittedly jealous, that place looks incredible!! Have a ton of fun, and for each ounce of said fun you have, take a picture! :D

  2. Ha! You'll just have to come see it yourself some year! I will totally take a million pictures, and post them for you all to see and your computers will take ONE THOUSAND years to load them all! MUWAHAHAHA! LOL. Way too excited.

  3. Haha, obviously exciting, but NO SUCH THING AS TOO EXCITED!! Also, it's so funny you post this -- Matt and I were just talking about taking a trip to Canada sometime next year! It's obviously not going to be Banff because, hey, we're on the east coast... but it's still CANADA! :D

    Be excited, girl! GET EXCITED!! ;)

  4. It looks absolutely lovely!

    Stay safe and have a fabulous time!

  5. Travel safe and take lots of pictures!

  6. I am so hiding in your suitcase...LOL...Have fun!!