Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Litha's Gods

In continuation of my post from yesterday, here are some of the Gods we use at Litha.  Gods of Litha are Sun Gods of course, and

Aten - Egyptian Sun God.  At one time, Aten was an aspect of Ra.  He was symbolized by a solar disc.  King Tutankhamun was originally named Tutankhaten, because his father (Pharaoh Akhenaten, previously known as Amenhotep IV) tried to push Egypt to monotheism... worshiping only Aten and no other Gods or Goddesses.  Tutankhaten literally means "Living Image of Aten".  When his father died, the people of Egypt demanded a return to the old ways.  His advisors told him he should change his name to Tutankhamun - Living Image of Amun - to show that he agreed with the people.  On the back of his throne - and you can still see it at the Cairo Museum - is still the name Tutankhaten.

Thor - Norse God of Thunder and Storms.  Is it any wonder that the God of Thunder and Storms is honored at midsummer?  Especially here in the prairies, where thunderstorms rolling across the sky are common.  Thor is also a God of fertility, because without the storms he brings crops would wither in the fields.

Apollo - God of, well, everything!  Apollo was a Sun God, as well as being a patron of music, poetry, art, and medicine.  He is the brother of Artemis.  Apollo is honored at this time not only because he is a Sun God, but because he is also defender of the herds and the flocks.

Any Sun God or God of Fertility can be honored at Litha - The Oak King, of course; as well as Osiris, Ra, Ares, Dagda, and many more.  Which Gods do you honor at Litha?

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  1. I'm so impressed that someone FINALLY got the Akhenaken name. So few people have ever heard of the boy king's earlier name. Thank you - yippee :)