Monday, May 23, 2011

Litha's Goddesses

Before I begin this post, I just want to say Happy Victoria Day to all the other Canadians out there!  Hope everyone has a great day.

Midsummer is coming upon us, and finally the weather here in Alberta is warm enough to prove it!  While there are so many Goddesses for us to call upon in our work, we can never name them all.  No matter how much we wish to honor them, we don't really want to stand around reciting names for 3 hours during Ritual.  So we choose a few.  No matter which ones we choose, we choose them with love and honor.  Here are a few of the Goddesses that we can call on at Litha.

Hathor - Goddess of Motherhood, love and joy.  She is represented as a cow in many images, and she is also a Goddess of wisdom.  She is an aspect of Isis.  As Mistress of Jubilation, it is most appropriate to call on her for any joyful event!  More Egyptian festivals were dedicated to her than almost any other deity.

Freya - Goddess of Love, Beauty, Fertility, and a whole lot more.  As fertility Goddess, she is a patron of crops, birth, and flowers.  Fresh flowers are a wonderful offering to Freya, both for their beauty and the fertility and growth they represent.

Hestia - Goddess of Hearth, Domesticity and Family.  Hestia, or Vesta as the Romans called her, she is given both the first and last offerings at ceremonies that are involved in the home.  Freshly baked bread is a wonderful offering to her.  By Zeus' decree, she shares a portion of all homes of the Gods, so an offering should be made to her whenever working with the Hellenic Pantheon.  She also reigns over hospitality, and no one should be turned away in a place where Hestia is revered.

Sol/Sunna - Goddess of the Sun.  This Norse and Germanic Goddess is the Sun personified, and sister of the moon.  It is said that she will be eaten by the Fenris wolf at Ragnarok, but her daughter will then take her place.  She is a Goddess of beauty and love.  Honey or Mead is a good offering for her.

What Goddesses do you honor at Litha?

Goddess Bless,


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  1. We like the Celtic Gods in our house, so we'll be using Belenus. =)