Friday, January 20, 2012

Back In the Hospital

So, since my previous post about Sean's hospital visit and what happened, things had been going fairly well.  He had the day off on Wednesday, and went for a nap late that afternoon.  At 5:30, he woke up and told me he was feeling faint and dizzy, and that it felt like his heart was working harder than normal.  So we packed up Brianna and debated going to the clinic as opposed to the hospital, because they didn't find anything last time.  By the time we left my parent's house from dropping off Brianna, Sean's arm was starting to feel numb again and he was having stabbing pains in his chest - something he didn't have the first time.

To start, he had the same tests as last time - the bloodwork, then wait 2 hours, then get more bloodwork, then go have an X-ray and wait for the 2nd results to come back because those are the important ones.  The bloodwork in this case checks for a certain hormone, the name of which I cannot remember, which shows that there has been a blockage or clot in the heart.  I've been calling it the "Whatever" hormone.  His second bloodwork results came back with slightly elevated "Whatever" levels.  So at that they sent him for a CT scan from his waist up, to look for any clots.  They found nothing, and apparently he heart and lungs look "perfect" according to the ER Doctor.  In addition to the upcoming stress test, he now is scheduled for a 24 hour Holtor Monitor come Monday, and he had an Echo (heart ultrasound) today.  Apparently, he has a very photogenic heart according to the technician.  o.O

He is doing fine now - a little tired and drained of course - but still no answers.  At least tests are being done.  I can't wait until we know what the hell is wrong - at least then we can do something about it.

Goddess Bless,

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  1. Hope they figure this out soon...It seems like everybody I know is dealing with health issues at the mo. =( Prayers of healing to u and urs.

    In Frith,