Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yay, I'm back! (sorta long)

Morning All!

Back from vacation today.  We had a wonderful time, I'll post pictures sometime next week.  I love the mountains.  You all remember the Gondola, from my last post? It is the third picture down.  If you don't remember it, go look.  I'll wait.

Okay good!  Now, I love the mountains.  We learned, however, that Sean does not.  Where did we learn this?  Shortly after we had gotten into aforementioned Gondola.  Poor Sean.  It was pretty hilarious to me, because people are always bugging and teasing me about MY phobias, Sean included.  Regardless, he made it down to the ground in one piece, although he *may* have had a heart attack on the way down because Brianna was enjoying sticking her head part way out of the Gondola window.  She obviously doesn't share her father's fear of heights, thank the Gods.

Speaking of Brianna, over the course of our vacation she has learned (*sigh*) how to get dirty.  I know, I know.  It's a child's job to get dirty.  That doesn't mean I have to enjoy cleaning up the mess!

The first day up in the mountains, every time Brianna would touch the dirt she would get us to wipe her hand off. By the third day, she was sitting in mud she had made herself (yay buckets of water) with dirt streaked on her face.  It was awesome to watch her play, but then she stood up and all I could think of was HOW was I going to get those pants CLEAN?  I'll have a picture for you ( I think ) next week.  We may have just thrown the pants out, I don't remember.  Pine sap is pretty hard to get out of sweatpants fabric.

We did a lot of shopping, and came home with 20 dollars of our shopping money anyway!  I was quite impressed with myself.  There is a drum that was far beyond our price range, and we are going to save up and go back for it.  It was a beautiful drum!

However, that is just the vacation.  That says nothing about what happened before the vacation.  We were supposed to be picked up (we were all going to stay in my parent's camper trailer) at 8am that morning.  At ten to eight, we got a call from my mom.  The brakes on the trailer weren't working.  It's all very technical and I won't bore anyone with that; suffice to say that it took a trip or two to town (I brought my dad coffee while he was fixing the trailer) and lots of running around for new parts.  Then, I get back from my last (so I thought) trip to town, tell Sean that the trailer will be fixed in about 30 minutes (finally.  This is at like, 10am.)  I go into the fridge for something, and it's warm.  I'm thinking to myself, "Why is it warm? Wait, the light isn't even on..."  So I asked Sean what the heck, and HE says, "Oh, that must have been what that noise was."

So we checked, and sure enough the motor in our fridge had died a horrible, painful, burn-y death.  Why burn-y?  Because it was crazy hot and smelled like something had caught on fire.  So I called my mom and we decided to move all of our stuff from our fridge into their fridge and freezer while we were gone.  So we bagged up everything out of our fridge and freezer, carted it over to my mom and dad's house, and then finally went home and they came to pick us up with the trailer.

It was crazy, but really.  Thank the Gods the brakes hadn't worked, otherwise we may have come home to a smoldering ruin of a house!

I think that is all I have to tell for the moment - we got our new fridge on Tuesday, my Mom and Dad decided to buy it for us because they are awesome.  Hope everyone had a great week!

Goddess Bless,

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  1. Hi Stacy, welcome back! ;D
    Wow! That was close! Thank God everything is fine.