Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Catching Up

Well folks, today will (hopefully, no promises) be the last post like this for a little while.  I have nothing prepared for today, mostly because of court yesterday, etc.  We don't have another court date until September, thank the Gods!  Court, by the way, went AWESOME.  So awesome, I have to tell you all.  Without naming names, of course.

So:  The people we were going to court with was our hooligan neighbor and his father.  For ease of telling the story, we will call them junior and senior.  This was supposed to be the trial for the noise complaints, for reference.  We got to the courthouse early, and met up with the County Officer who was also supposed to be testifying.  The County's lawyer got there, and we were discussing testifying and all that because it was our first time doing such.  Then senior and junior got there, just as the lawyer saying that he would object to any irrelevant questions that senior would ask during the cross examination.  Hehheh.  Because senior has been spouting off about vendettas every chance he's pretty ridonkulous.

So the we went into the courtroom with the County Officer, and the County's lawyer took Senior and Junior into an interview room to see if they wanted to change their plea or what was going on.  A couple minutes later the lawyer came into the court room and asked the County Officer, "Senior says he wasn't even there when the incident occurred." To which the Officer replied: "Oh yes he was, he slammed the door in my face!"

Cue gigglesnort.  So the Officer went with the lawyer to talk to Senior and Junior, who had the crap scared out of them, lol.  Those sorts are always afraid of authority.  So they ended up pleading guilty, one noise ticket for each of them and the third ticket was scrapped.  Which is perfect, because that way the next time they make noise (because they are still doing it) it doesn't matter which one of them is given the ticket, it can count as a second offense.  Which is double the money!

Not that we get that money, but the more money you have to pay for being an idiot, the quicker you smarten up.

So that was our Tuesday, and Sean got called into work after court.  Which was awful, because it was his only day off this week.  He only gets one day off next week, and then he doesn't get days off at all for the next two weeks...his boss is on vacation for 3 weeks.

How is everyone's week going?

Goddess Bless,


  1. You typed ridonkulous. That made me gigglesnort.

  2. I am glad that went so well for you!