Friday, May 13, 2011

A Productive Day

Well.  When I logged in to the computer this morning, low and behold Blogger was down for maintenance.  Again.  Having no idea when blogger would decide to come back online, I delved into other things for the day.

Man, am I productive when Blogger is down!  I baked muffins (Orange ones!) I finished (and started!) a couple of crochet drawstring bags, and I created a couple of new recipes for my cookbook.

Not to mention chasing around silly toddlers who have learned (somehow) to enjoy throwing the mouse behind the computer desk...

Ridiculous Babies.

I think this is what is called a full, rich, day!  We also recently got some exciting news, there is finally going to be a pagan meet-up in our city!  I had been debating starting one for a while, and then someone who is obviously either more ambitious or less busy than I am went ahead and did it.  I''m quite looking forward to it, even though the pagan community (that I know of) in our city is all of about 20 people.

I hope everyone is have a good Friday the 13th!  Strangely enough, even before finding Wicca Friday the 13th was always my lucky day, haha!  Maybe that's why I was so productive...Either way, tonight we are planning a ritual to give thanks for all of the protection we have been given over the past few months.  It was so much more than a stroke of luck that we noticed the nails behind our car, and that Sean didn't get hurt when that man came over here threatening us.

Other than that, my weekend will consist of recipe hunting!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Goddess Bless,



  1. Wait a second. Are you saying that the interwebs could be affecting our productivity levels and sucking our time away? Darn it! I'm not gonna stop reading your blog though. It's just time I'll have to add into my day. ;-)

  2. Hey, I read your blog a lot. I wondered here when you said, that someone came over threatening. May I ask if it was personal, or? Because that's not cool at all.

    Hope you guys are doing well. I can identify with the silly babies, I have one. She enjoys taking my cell phone and hiding it in odd places until the battery dies and then mom has to rip the entire house apart to find it. Ha ha, have fun with the mouse, at least it's attached to something!


  3. Thanks, Muse Mama!

    Hi, Amanda! Nice to have a new commenter. :)

    The person that came over threatening (the whole back story can be found in a couple previous posts) was because of a noise complaint (or 12) we had put in against the party kids next door. It was pretty crazy!
    How old is your baby? Mine likes taking cell phones too, I usually find mine because she ends up texting someone, then they text back with a "What was that?!", haha!