Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Disaster Close To Home

While perhaps not as media streamed as the terrible tornado outbreak last month, there is a disaster occurring so close to home (and close to some people I know) that it scares me.  We are having a very dry spring here in Alberta, so much so that the northern part of the province has been engulfed in flames.  Usually, we don't deal with wildfires on this huge scale, and firefighters from the rest of Western Canada are being flown in to help.

But damage has already been done.

Slave Lake is, or perhaps was, a small town about 3 or 4 hours northwest of me.  They were ordered an emergency evacuation, all phones were out, the highway going in and out of town was blocked by fire.  It's not nearly over, the fire is still going, but as of yesterday one third of the town was gone.

I know that many of my American readers will have already donated to their tornado recovery funds, but I know that I have some Canadian readers also.

So here is the link to the Canadian Red Cross.  Here in town we are having a "Slave Lake needs everything drive", started by a great woman who I'm sure had no idea how much sorting of stuff she would have to do.  We went and bought a bunch of things to donate yesterday; most of what they need is the basic necessitous.  Those little things that make us feel human: deodorant, toothbrushes, shampoo.  They are even running short on food.

The Canadian Red Cross donations will go toward things like emergency medical help, care for elderly, food, shelter and probably some clothes for the now-displaced residents of Slave Lake.

Thank you all for what you can do, even if it is just sending them good energy.

Goddess Bless,


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  1. I hope everyone is okay. I come from California, home of the wildfire. Scary!

  2. Thanks, lady! So far there have actually been no deaths, thank the Gods. I can't imagine the California wildfires, I've only ever seen pictures. It must be a scary sight!