Monday, December 6, 2010

My weekend off!

It was great.  First, it was the first weekend of Sean's vacation.  Second, I got to go shopping.  For crafts.  What more do you need?!

On Saturday I went to the Holiday Craft sale in our town with one of my best friends.  I spent 60 bucks.  Ridiculous, isn't it?  In my defense some of it was stuff I was going to buy anyway, like spice mix and red pepper jelly.  There were some fabulous cheese curds that I just had to buy, I hadn't had fresh cheese curds in about a decade!  I also bought some super cute leggings for Brianna for Yule.  Here is the link, if you care to look!  I bought "G" and "O".  G, with the little bird was just cute, and O with the squirrel was just meant to be.  Squirrels are Sean's animal, so Brianna has a bunch of squirrel stuff.  Mine is a spider.  Does Brianna have any spider stuff?  No.  This is where you would see me rolling my eyes and sticking my tongue out at Sean.  I also bought a beautiful bright green Pashmina for ritual wear.  Saturday night, we did the Toxic "Friend" spell.  It went very well, and I definitely feel a weight lifted.  This was Sean's first time casting the circle (almost) by himself, he usually just tells me to do it!  It was really nice to have him participate like that. 

Sunday, the same friend I went to the Craft Sale with and her husband came over for lunch.  She brought her amazing super dill potato salad.  They stayed until about 5 pm, it was so nice to have them visit.  We really don't do it enough.  All of us are rather hermit-like.  Then we went to go see the first half of the new Harry Potter, it was really good and effects were amazing.  As always though, I was ticked off at what they left out.  It's ridiculous how mad I get about it!  Everything should be just like the book!  Okay, I'm done there.

This coming week is going to be really busy, so forgive me if I miss a day of posting!  This afternoon I have an Ultrasound appointment, just to confirm my doctor's diagnosis.  Hopefully that will go well.  Tuesday Sean has a doctor's appointment to figure out what is wrong with him, he is just, off.  We aren't really sure how to describe it even.  Also, the doctor wants to check his stitches and he will probably have to get blood work.  Wednesday we are going to the above mentioned friends house for a photo shoot (she is a photographer) for our family portrait this year and for dinner.  I'm going to show her how to make homemade mayonnaise, and we are probably going to do some Yule baking as well.  Thursday I think Sean and I are going out for dinner.  Friday might be my only empty day...maybe. 

So that's my week.  I'm defiantly going to make a serious attempt at my next homemade Yule post, and I want to do another Yule-y post.  Not quite sure yet.  Probably something about food.  I like food.

I would really appreciate it if you lovely readers would send us some good energy, just for the crazy doctors things.  I hope everyone had a great weekend, and that wherever you are, the weather has been warmer than it has been here!

Goddess Bless,



  1. Best of luck and all my well wishes for you both at the doctor, positive energy coming your way... and thank you for your well wishes when I got sick. Its bothersome, ever since my heart problem started, even a cold can knock me out dead!

    I would love to see crafty stuff for yule, I am trying to find time (and energy) to get my house all lovely and festive, but I've barely even got my cookies to be shipped done! I think i will share some of my recipes, even if they are not yule-specific, the point of being a kitchen witch is to put magick into everything we do, right? I would love to see any recipes you do, as well! I am always looking to increase my cook book!

    Be well,

  2. Thanks so much! What kind of heart problem do you have?!

    I have a couple of Homemade Yule posts already, I wrote them in November they should be in the Archive. I do have the Sabbat recipes page at the top of the Blog, I'm always wanting to add recipes to that as well! I totally agree, that is a major part of being a Kitchen Witch for me too!

    Goddess Bless!

  3. My goodness sorry I took so long to respond, family life has gone insane- between getting sick myself and my mother being in the hospital, it just feels like we just can not win this year.

    My heart will randomly go too fast, with no reason at all. Depending on how fast it goes and for how long, I get dizzy, numb, fuzzy-headed, blurred vision, nauseated, in intense pain, and if it goes fast enough I pass out. It seems to have killed my immune system as well... pretty much when the heart is finicky everything else decides to act up as well. No one can figure out why, but the one bit of good news, after much testing it has been found that drinking coffee is NOT making it worse! Yay! I don't have to cut out my most favorite substance in all the world! (Though I do reduce espresso consumption during particularly bad fits, just in case!)

    I'm loving looking though your archives, and your recipes look delightful. Some of them won't make it in to this batch of yule goodies, but are being set aside for when my soldier gets home... I obsessively feed everyone, my friend calls it "Mama-voo" the power to fix all non tangible problems with food! So after being in a war zone for most of year, my soldier will be getting very well fattened!