Friday, December 3, 2010

Yule Present Fiasco and a Hospital Trip

Why don't we call it an incident.  Yes...An incident.  What kind of incident, you ask?  One that starts with going to get new tires for the car and buying Yule presents, and ends with a trip to the hospital.

I'll warn everyone ahead of time, if you have a weak stomach, you may not want to look at any of the pictures in this post.

Some of you will already know about this, like Jen at Live Wicca who I talked to about this over Twitter.  Some people have even seen pictures already.  Pictures?  Yes.  I didn't take them during the crisis though, just after all of the craziness had begun to mellow.

Okay.  Here we go.  Sean had gone out to get a couple new tires for the car, just front wheel drive tires because that's all we really have the money for right now.  I told him to buy any Yule presents he wanted to buy while he was out.  So he gets home, around 10:30 am, and brings in his coffee, takes off his jacket, etc.  Then he tells me not to look, he has to go out and bring in some presents.  So his smart idea was to duck as he passed the window in case I was peaking.

I wasn't peaking.

He stood up, moving forward, into the old, jagged-like metal corner of our air conditioner.  I warn you, the following picture is nasty.  N A S T Y.

Are you ready for it?

Yep.  That is a chunk of Sean's head.  On (or in?) our air conditioner.

So I hear him swearing through the window (it was closed) and see him bending forward as he opens the door.  Now, Sean is clumsy.  He bangs his head on things, trips, drops things, the works.  So I was just expecting a goose egg or something.  I mean, I've banged my head on the air conditioner too.  Apparently not like this however.  Sean's head was pouring blood.  I've never seen blood pour before, even though it's a common expression.  This?  This was you take a pitcher of water, one of the ones with the lids, turn it to the spot where ice cubes can't fall out, and pour.  Just replace the water with blood, and the pitcher with Sean's head.

The blood actually does all the way to the carpet in the very top of the picture.  This was after Sean had started putting pressure on it.  Just so you know, there was a lot more blood than it looks like.  Seriously, it looks like a couple teaspoons dripped, but this was at least a cup of blood.  You can see the smears at the bottom where the door had been opened and closed.  Through all this he is still carrying my Yule present.  I'm freaking out and telling him to go to the bathroom, put a towel on it and he is freaking out that I've seen my Yule present.

Seriously.  Because that's really what I'm paying attention to right now.

So I tell him to run down the hall and toss it into Brianna's room on the way to the bathroom.  He does.  After he bleeds in the sink and I get a couple towels and some ice on his gash, he goes back to Brianna's room to hide my present.  Through all this, I've called my Dad to come get Sean and take him to the hospital, luckily my Dad was working at home yesterday.  It would have been so bad to try and get Brianna all in her parka and stuff while Sean was bleeding and try to keep her still in the hospital.

Also, it took me 40 minutes to wash the blood off of the floor, it was dried on by the time I got there.  Brianna was corralled in her car toy the whole time, so I wasn't worried about her eating any.  Isn't just saying that disgusting?


This was my door handle.  There was more on the door jam, and the screen door, and the carpet.  The sink.  I threw out some towels.  Now, I'm not complaining.  I'm just glad Sean is okay.  I just haven't really comprehended the scope of what happened.

Here is a picture of Sean's head.  He got a bunch of stitches, in the picture you can see the gash runs from the tip of my finger to my second knuckle.  It was big.

So here is Sean, looking like a Vietnam war vet.

Brianna wanted to look just like Daddy!!

Isn't she adorable?

She left that thing on for the better part of an hour.  It was so cute.  I only took about a million pictures.  Sean went to work today, and (yes, I know.  He really did go to work, it's ridiculous.) everyone keeps asking him what happened, his boss is making fun of him, and he is getting really annoyed.  It's his last day before 2 weeks of holidays though.  So he is suffering through it.  He is feeling better, except for a headache because he isn't allowed to take pain medication.  Head injury, and all that.

In other personal news, I sent the letter to my "friend" from my previous post, and I've removed him as a friend on Facebook.  I'm very much doubting that he will notice anything until he gets the letter, so the fallout won't be for a few days at least.  I'm very sad, but not because I'm not friends with him anymore, or that it came to this.  I'm sad because I don't feel sad about it.  I guess that's how I know it's time, though. 

So I'm taking the weekend off.  One of my friends invited me to a craft show for tomorrow, of course I couldn't turn down a craft show.  I'm also going to be doing the Toxic Friend spell in the post mentioned above, and just trying to recharge from the craziness of the week.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Goddess Bless,



  1. Ouch that looks painful! I'm glad it was all easy to take care of, though, in the scheme of things. We have at least one ER trip a year, and every other year includes stitches. Don't as how or why, that is just how things seem to go.
    Heal well,

  2. Thanks! Yup, the ER is a handy thing when used wisely. Sean's bandage keeps coming off in his sleep, so that's our only hurdle now, Thank Goddess!

  3. OMG Poor Sean, I hope he is feeling better now