Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blood Test Results

Well, I spent a lot of time thinking about whether or not to write this post.  Did I really want this information "out there"?  I decided yes, if I can put it out there and help someone else with the same sort of issues, then it's worth it.

I had blood drawn about a month ago, and was called in to get the results.  I had that appointment last night, and wasn't really expecting what my doctor told me.  The reason I went for the blood tests is because my cycle wasn't at all regular, I could go 6 months without getting it and then bleed for 2 months straight.  Well, the doctor told me that I have PCOS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.  Click Here for a link to the Wiki page explaining it, it's way to long to get into it all here.  The just of it, however, is that PCOS and my weight are the two things that are causing 90% of the problems I have.   I have a lot of the the symptoms.  So, what's really going on and what's being done about it?

I have low blood count and my red blood cells are smaller than normal, so I'm now on an iron supplement.  I have high androgenic hormones (in English, that's essentially testosterone.) because of the PCOS, which I'm on birth control for.  And the big one, my body is becoming resistant to insulin, so I've been put on Metformin,  which is usually prescribed to diabetics.  And oh, what was that?  I should lose at least 40 lbs.

So Sean and I had a long talk.  I reluctantly informed him that we were all probably going to have to eat a lot more green things.  He's a butcher, he likes his meat.  I told him he was really going to have to push me and help me exercise, and stick to this plan (see my previous post) because I'm going to have a hard time of it if I'm eating salad and drinking water and he eats a lot of meat and drinks pop.  After I tell him this, he is silent.  And still silent.  Finally, I start to get worried.  When I asked him what he's thinking, he asks if I really thought he would put eating meat over his wife's health.  And that was it, I started to cry.  Sean is a caring guy, but he doesn't really articulate it very often.  Of course, given the above I could just blame it all on hormones.  We talked about having faith, and how no matter what we know that the Goddess will be there for us through this journey, and She will help is where we need it.  I'm usually the one telling Sean to have faith, and he threw it right back at me!  That's why I love him.  So, we will do what we can, and have faith.  The Goddess will get us through. 

I'll keep updating as updates come.  If anyone out there has any personal experience with any of this and wants to share, let me know!  As always, comments are always welcome.


*update* I actually  just weighed myself, and since starting the WW plan last week I've lost 7 lbs!  


  1. Hi Stacy, hope you're doing okay. That's alot to take on by yourself. I don't know about PCOS but I hope that there are other female family members or friends that might have had similar issues, or at least that you could talk to about it. Venus and Mars have their strong points and I can sympathize.

  2. Thanks! I'm doing alright. My husband has been a great help to me. With the Goddess granting me strength, I'll be fine! I do have some family I can talk with, but they we diagnosed in the early 80s so things have changed a lot since then. BTW, loved the pictures on your blog!