Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ool Ree! (For Translation, See Below)

I can just see all the heads shaking.  What?  What is she trying to say?  Am I supposed to get it?


This, my friends, is Brianna learning how to say "Yule Tree".

We set up our Yule Tree yesterday - doesn't it look pretty?  Yay for smartphone pictures.

We got new-to-us couches this year, and we didn't even think about the tree until about a month ago.  Which is when we realized that there is now a couch where our tree went last year.  So this year, it is in one of the entrances to the living room, of which we have two.  One from the kitchen, and one from the entrance hall.  I think you can tell which it is in, simply because of the coat closet and lack of kitchen-y things.

We are not so much poor as we are lazy.  We have had the same garland strand since Sean and I first got together, through cats and tiny babies and two moves - it's pretty ratty, and there isn't enough to go all the way up the tree.  To which we say, Meh!  The lights are all attached to the tree (I DID say we were lazy).  We have the breakable/heirloom ornaments at the top, and all the plastic/unbreakable-we-think/paper ornaments toward the bottom.  At the moment, Brianna is doing pretty good not touching it too much, and being gentle when she does.

This is the first year that she has been aware enough to realize something is going on!  It's pretty awesome.

In relation to holiday-theme posts, I have a question for all of you.  Joni over at Tales of a Kitchen Witch posted today about why they don't do Santa.  It broke my heart a little bit reading what her daughter said to them when she found out, mostly because I remember having a similar reaction though my brother wasn't yet born.  So my question to you, friends, is what do you do in your house for Santa?  As someone on a Facebook group suggested, do you do fairies or elves instead?  I had been considering going the fairy route, where the fairy would bring something for the 13 days of Yule; like a recipe to make that day or a new cookie cutter, or maybe a craft.  I am at an impasse with myself, though.  Do I do the fairy thing, because it will make Christmas magickal for Brianna?  Or do I not do it at all, because we are a home that values honesty?

What is your take?

Goddess Bless,

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  1. well technically, santa, kris kringle,st.nick etc, whatever you call him, actually was referred to as an ELF, up untill the advertisment from coca-cola, back in the 40 or 50's I belive made him into what he is today.

    I do still give my daughter the opportunity to go with santa, he is, and always will be a right jolly ole elf in my book.:)

    I try and mingle my Yule celbration in with my husbands catholic upbringing, and I find they meld quite well, if you're clever and crafty enough...hehehehe. Besides, the christian christmas is sooooo pagan it isnt even funny, if you want to get down to brass tacks really.