Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A day I could have done without: Part Three

Part One and Part Two here, if you missed them.

Fair warning:  Those with weak stomachs may not want to read further.

Yesterday, we ended with hearing choking sounds coming from the baby monitor at 2 AM.

I run out of the bathroom and into Brianna's room, luckily only a few steps down the hall.  She is laying on her back in her bed, her arms at her sides in fists.  Her whole body was shaking - near the point where I would almost call it convulsing.  Her face, chest, and hair are absolutely covered in vomit that actually managed to come out.  She was choking on half-digested grape husks.

So I picked her up and held her in sort of a horizontal upside down position.  It's sort of hard to describe.  She was laying across my arms with her face down toward her crib.  I held her like that while she continued throwing up for a few minutes.  Sean had been almost right behind me into her room.  He had been almost asleep when he heard her over the monitor, luckily - if he had been fully asleep he never would have heard anything.  So he ran around getting towels and washcloths and running a bath while I tried to "help" Brianna finish throwing up.

We cleaned her up, got her out of the now dead PJs, and set her in the bath.  She was fine for about 10 minutes.  Then she threw up again.  So we took her out of the bath, drained it, ran another one and put her in.  We were trying to clean the vomit out of her hair, sometimes she chews on it and I didn't want it getting back into her.  Regardless, again about 10 minutes later she threw up again.  So we gave up on the bath.

We brought her out to the living room and laid her down on a blanket to change her diaper and get new PJs on her.  In the middle of this, she started throwing up again.  This time I was in the other end of the house changing Brianna's bedding, and I came back into the living room to find Sean standing and holding Brianna facing away from him, leaning over so she could throw up.  That was the last time she threw up that night, thankfully, but everything came up.  Milk, grape husks, pizza pops and jelly beans.  Man, sounds like we feed her well, right?  lol.  Anyhow.

Sean and I got a pillow from her bedroom, and one of our big queen blankets.  We each sat on one end of the couch and Brianna lay in between us.  Her little body was so tired, she barely moved.  She was wide awake though, and that was the point of sitting up with her.  Around 4 AM we gave her some Tylenol and put her back to bed.  She fell asleep right away.

It was pretty awful - this was the first time that Brianna had ever been sick like that.  She spit up as a little baby, but never threw up like this.  It was pretty crazy.  It would have been nice if her first time could have been while we were all awake and could see what was happening, sans choking of course.

So that, finally, is the end of my Friday.  I could have done without it.  There was definitely some thankful prayers happening in this house, though.

Goddess Bless,


  1. When little ones throw up and keep throwing up I think it's one of the most helpless things as a parents. There is nothing you can do at that moment to stop it and you just keep hoping they will finish so Then you can work to do something.

    Poor little one. Neither of my two have been at home and gotten sick like that. Lil 'R has motion sickness though so I've been in the car watching him get sick unable to even hold him or move him because the car is still moving.

    Whatever it was at least it's out of her system and things are back to normal. What a hell of a day!

  2. Whoah, that is crazy! :( I imagine there's not much you can do but just... help them along as best as possible. From what it seems, you did just that!

    Many hugs to Brianna, and I hope she's feeling better. <3