Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A day I could have done without: Part Two

Part One Here, if you missed it.

I think, when we left off, M and I were sitting in in her car calling 911.  The operator said we didn't have to wait at the scene, but we decided to anyway.  Because drunk Jeep man was waiting for passengers, we thought that we could tell the cops which way they went if they left before the cops got there.  So we waited.  I'm sure it was only a few minutes, but it felt like 20.  You know how that is.  So after a few minutes, Jeep man's passengers come out of the store and get back in the vehicle.  M and I are just saying "Where are the cops?  Where are the cops?" like a mantra.  So the guy puts his car into gear, and drives.  Forward.  Into the curb.  At which point he begins to put it in reverse like a normal human and an unmarked cop car pulls up behind him and blocks him and the truck next to him in.  The cop gets out his car and starts talking to the guy, and another cop car - marked, this time - pulls up and another cop gets out.  She comes over to the car and makes sure we are fine with giving a statement, and that she will be right back with forms.  Not 2 minutes later she comes back, sans forms, and asks, "Where you calling about the truck, or the Jeep?"  "The Jeep," we told her, slightly confused but having played telephone before understanding how information can get mixed up.  So she asks us to drive around to the other side of her vehicle so we are blocked partially from the view of drunk Jeep man, who is now being given various drunk tests.  We pull around and start filling out the form, watching of course what is going on because we are so curious.

Just after we started filling out the forms, a third cop car shows up - this is one of those still fairly new Dodge Charger cop cars, again unmarked.  This one had 2 cops in it (we are at 3 cop cars, 4 cops all together) who got out of their vehicle wearing headlamps and proceeded to search drunk Jeep man's...Jeep.  About 10 minutes later, tow trucks show up.  That's right, two.  M and I figured that they both heard the call and both came, not realizing the other was on the way.


It turns out that in the process of catching drunk Jeep man driving smashed, they also caught someone else - the driver of the truck that they inadvertently boxed in when they were blocked the Jeep!  Hence the cop's comment about whether we called about the Jeep or the truck.  So yeah.  We were pretty excited that we caught two drunks with one phone call.  We still haven't stopped talking about it.

But THAT, dear readers and friends, is not the end of my story.

So, I get home.  All of this has taken so long that it is now just before 1 am.  Sean is still up - I'd texted him during the whole thing - and luckily he had the next day off.  So I stay up a little bit later, telling Sean what happened and trying to wind down.  Did you know that lots of caffeine followed by lots of adrenaline makes you giddy?  So Sean went to bed, and I followed him about 20 minutes later.

At this point, some explanation is needed.  We live in a trailer.  It is long and skinny.  We have two speakers for the baby monitor, one in the living room and one in the bedroom.  Our walls are so thin that we can hear her in every corner of the house really well, because we keep the volume up so high.  Thank Gods.

So I'm in the bathroom, brushing my hair, getting ready for bed, all that fun stuff.  It's 2 am.

Which is when I hear choking sounds coming from the baby monitor.

Again, to be continued tomorrow.

Goddess Bless,


  1. Oh my gosh there is more! You're killing me with this story. And I can't believe you hooked two drunk drivers! lol I'm glad that they were picked up before they hurt someone.

  2. The suspense is driving me nuts!

  3. Thanks guys. Keeping you all in suspense is one of the only things keeping up my moral as I struggle with a throat infection. ;)