Monday, October 3, 2011

Modern Dependence

You know, I like typewriters.

I really do.  They always seem so elegant in those old movies, when in reality I know first hand how messy one can get changing the tape.  Still, if your typewriter broke, you could write by hand.

Today we are so connected by the internet that it is nearly impossible for one in the western world to function without it.  Do I NEED to write a blog, be on Facebook, or Google the answers to my questions instead of looking them up in a dictionary as I used to?  No.  But the internet and by extension the computer is how I talk to my publisher, how I send her my manuscripts, how I ask people to review my book.  It's my work.

So when my computer shows signs of death, I freak out a little bit.  And that seems kind of dumb.

I mean, seriously.  Lets look at some of the commonplace freakouts of the common people through a few different centuries:

1100s:  Freak out because they don't have enough food.

1300s:  Freak out because of the Bubonic Plague.

1500s:  The cow died.  Don't have food.

Let's jump to today:

OH MY GODS the computer died what will I doooooooo?!

Kind of silly, but seriously.  I feel kind of dumb.

And no, obviously my computer isn't dead yet.  Although, If it does go I can still post occasionally on my phone.  Regardless, my computer pretty much constantly makes this noise that sounds like a tornado siren or air raid siren.  It is kind of unnerving.

So, if I suddenly don't post, it's because of my computer.  Or my internet, which also has been buggy.  Yay for country living?

Regardless, I hope to be posting some things for Samhain soon.

By the by, commenting on my other post can continue until Friday, so go enter to win!  Also, check out the first review of my book by Pagan Dad!


  1. Back up your files onto disc/flash drive/etc.....NOW! Hopefully, you've already done so. sShortly after making noises like you describe, I had to take a cpu out in the yard and shoot it, to put it out of its misery. -jane

  2. It's amazing how integral computer are to our lives now. I love typewriters btw - it's how I learnt to type!