Thursday, October 27, 2011

GOYB: Week 3 Check In and Week 4 Challenge

Ah, week 3...
It honestly went both better and worse than I thought it would.  We ate out a lot because we were running around so much with our lame-o computer issues, which by the by SHOULD be taken care of now but no guarantees.  I've been eating worse since Brianna's birthday party - pics soon - and was really dreading stepping on the scale.  Luckily, I only went back up to 224.  I thought I'd be right back up to my start weight.  Interspersed with all the bad eating, I did keep track of my foods most days.  I use the Lose It app on my phone.  I even kept track on those days when I went hundreds over my calorie limit.  Every day but a few I stayed under my maintain weight calories though.  
As for my goal of eating breakfasts more often, I think 5 or so days I did in fact eat breakfast.  I'm hoping to continue that this coming week, or rather, for the next few days until Saturday check in again which I hope I'm able to do on time this time.  
So for week 4, in addition to continued breakfasts, I also want to up my water intake.  No real number, just make sure I'm drinking water again.  I've fallen away from the habit.  I'd love to try to get some exercise in as well, even if it is only a few minutes here and there that I can squeeze in.  We have vacation coming up in 16 days, so I at least want to try!
Goddess Bless,


  1. I saw the GOYB and then week 3 and misread everything. I thought you were pregnant! lol

  2. Noooooo!!!! No pregnancy here, LOL. Hopefully not again, either. HA! What a way to make people think twice though.