Thursday, August 25, 2011

On the subject of Divination

This will be the end of my series on divination - I've got a great idea for more posts, but we will save that for another day!  Today, I'm doing to list a few of the less well known types of divination, and possibly some ideas how to use them.  

Have you ever heard of an oinomancy and tiromancy party?  I bet you have.  Oinomancy, divination by wine, and tiromancy, divination by cheese.  Alright, maybe they aren't the same thing, but wouldn't that make for an awesome party?  I love wine.  

There is of course the practice of pouring melted wax into cool water, called ceromancy.  Possible the strangest type of divination that I've heard of personally is cephalomancy, which is divination with the head or skull of a donkey or goat.  

Regardless of the method of divination, the Gods will keep speaking to us.  Sometimes in the strangest of ways - ways that could almost be called coincidence - we will get messages.  We don't even need to search for these signs, because if they are truly signs they will jump out at us.  A few months ago I had gone into town with my dad.  We were driving in a section of town we don't normally go to, I don't even remember where we were trying to go.  We pulled up at a stop sign and I looked up, and there were two words - the name of a God, and a word pertaining to a situation Sean and I were dealing with at the time.  It took me a minute to realize what the words actually were, and to realize that if we had pulled up to the stop sign at any angle other than the one that we did, I wouldn't have seen it.  It might seem strange, and only coincidental, but that tends to be the way the Gods work.  

Goddess Bless,

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