Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Know Yourself

The first of Scott Cunningham's 13 goals of a witch.  I believe that this is the most important, for when you know yourself, all else tends to fall into place.

A huge part of knowing yourself is also a huge part of Wicca - doing what feels right.  That isn't to say going around and doing whatever you want, most of us know better than that.  It's that feeling we get when suddenly, we want to take a road we've never been down.  Where we pick up a book and don't know why.  The feeling we get when we meet someone for the first time and know that you can trust them, that they will be a friend for many years.  Sometimes, we just know things.  Listening to that part of ourselves is part of what makes us witches.

That said, you all read my blog because you enjoy what I say.  Does that mean you agree with everything?  Probably not, because we all have different opinions and think differently about things.  Which is the way it should be.  Can you imagine if every one of us did things in exactly the same way?  There would be nothing new to learn from.  The same energy every time.  Whether you have a support group or coven online, or just down the street; if your teacher is in a different province, state or country or beside you in a coffee shop, what matters is the energy and connection.

Energy and connection are the driving force of what we do, not just as Witches but as humans.  As humans, we all want to connect.  We are driven by the need to be social, we are social creatures.  We forge connections in the strangest places with the best of intentions.  As Witches, by listening to what our intuition tells us, we can end up making wonderful connections and experiencing such positive energy.  When you put them together it can truly be something magickal; The ability to know ourselves and confidence in the ability to read our life's path.  Sometimes it simply falls into our laps, and others it gives us a subtle call, not loud enough to hear, but there all the same.

Goddess Bless,


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  1. I've had this entry of yours up for quite a while, and I simply cannot add anything of substance other than, thank you! This is a message that all people, not just Wiccans/Pagans, should hear and recognize in themselves. :)