Monday, June 13, 2011

Good News, Everyone!

Something tells me I've named a post something similar to that before.

Regardless, Good News, Everyone!

I finally feel like things are at a place where I can share this wonderful news with everyone.

On Wednesday, I'm officially going to be starting my 2nd degree!  In conjunction with this (the reason why I started doing the degree system actually) I've been discussing with a High Priestess from the Congregationalist Wiccan Assembly of Alberta bringing the Church to our city, and things are finally looking forward to it!  I also had two wonderful people start as my students today, and I'll be teaching them a mix of Wicca 101/the 1st Degree.

So, I'm training to be a Priestess with some wonderful people in the States, and will (given some time, of course) be going through Clergy training in my province.  Yay!  It is so important for me to bring the CWAA to our city, because at the moment there is only one CWAA temple in the province.  The Wiccan and Pagan community in my city has had nothing for so many years, and after explaining to several of them at the meet up at the beginning of the month, they seem to have embraced the idea!

I've felt pulled to serve the community for many years, and I'm so incredibly happy that I'm finally coming closer to that goal.  It will still be a long road, but I'm finally on it.  And I'm so glad to finally feel like I can share it with everyone!

Goddess Bless,