Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spam and Harming None

Something that pagan bloggers need to consider that may be different from other bloggers is the treatment of spammers.  Especially when those spammers are also pagans.

Harming none is the most basic tenant of Wicca, and of many other paths.  So how do you define harm?

An action which causes others to be inconvenienced in a way that makes them feel harmed.  As in so much that we do, it is both our intention and the result that matters.  If someone starts spamming another persons blog with links, products, or otherwise, what is the proper course of action?  To look at it from the other side, this person might think that this is the only way they can get word out there about their product.

We all grew up with the 3 strikes and you are out rule.  That was great for when we were kids, and it took us a few times to figure out WHY a certain rule was there.  As adults, one warning should be enough.  We know now that there are reasons behind things, and if we don't see the reason that we should just ask why.  We are above rules, because we should have formed our own ethics by now.  Those with ethics don't need rules, because they know (and accept) the reasons behind the rules.

One warning is all I will give spammers.  It will stay up under the latest "comment" for a couple of days, then all posts of spam from that person will be deleted.  As adults, they should know better.  If you spam, under your comment I will give you a warning. 

Keep in mind, if you want to share a link with me share it!  Even if it's your own product.  I'm talking about those who share their link on multiple posts, with almost the same wording on each.

What do you think about spamming from a Pagan viewpoint?  Unfortunately, the few rotten apples out there are forcing me to turn on the moderation.  What do you do for your own spammers?

Goddess Bless,



  1. Since I don't require sign up to comment, I do have moderation turned on so that I can kill spammer comments before my readers see it. Also, be aware that most spam out there isn't done manually by a person. Most spammers use a bot which go through and post the advertisement based on certain criteria. Therefore, many of the return warnings are never seen by the person who clicked the original button.

  2. Thanks Rainy. :) I know most spam isn't done by a person, but I feel only fair giving people a warning occasionally!