Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beltane Fertility

As we come upon the season of Spring and the Sabbat of Beltane, I'm sure that most of us are slowly starting to notice the budding trees and the grass beginning to renew itself.  I'm sure that any day now the last of our snow will melt, we've still got a pretty good little bank in the back yard.  Those of us who celebrate it are probably starting to plan our Beltane festivities, and no matter how we end up celebrating we all will be celebrating the same thing.  Not many of us have room for a Maypole, let alone are able to have a bonfire.
Canola Fields in Alberta.  Forgive the shadow of my car!

This year, we will be celebrating Beltane by starting our first herb garden!  I have an inexplicably purple thumb.  I'm a kitchen witch and a hearth witch, not a green witch!  We are going to be buying these little bundles at our local hardware store that you let grow almost hydroponically for the first couple weeks, then you transplant into the ground or pots.  Perfect for someone like me, and perfect for Beltane.

Fertility of the crops was of utmost importance in times past, and while most of us don't grow our own crops any longer fertility is still important to us.  We can still celebrate fertility at Beltane, just a different kind.  We need fertility in our lives to nurture our dreams, and without finding that fertile ground within ourselves we can never make our goals come to fruition.  We need that fertile ground in our lives to raise our children in, and to nurture our relationships with spouse, friend and family. 

How will you be celebrating Beltane?  How do you include Beltane's fertility in your life?


  1. This is a beautiful and serious post, but all this makes me think of is Beltane the week after I left my ex, someone asked if I wanted to join in dancing around the maypole, I screamed and hid behind my friend "no! No fertility for me!"

  2. Very nice Stacy. Our understanding is always increased when we are able to see multiple meanings in everything. Dad

  3. GeekyMommy, you made me giggle! That's a great example.

    Thanks Dad, I'm glad you found the blog again!

    Thanks, Elf! I'm really looking forward to the garden. Love your film, really well done!

  4. I'm not sure what we're doing yet, but considering I'm currently pregnant and our baby has a neural tube defect that will require surgery, I think we'll get fertility and healing in there.

    I love our Sabats to be about change in ourselves as well as the land. So for our family celebration, I'll want to encourage them to find things they can that foster creativity in art, music, or spirit. I think it might be a great time to encourage the kids to think about volunteer opportunities.

    Love your blog, have become a follower, and will be grabbing your button!

  5. Thanks, Muse Mama! I think it's great that you want to encourage the creativity in those areas...they are so often tossed to the side! I wish you all the best with your pregnancy. I'm sure your little one will come through with flying colors!

    Thanks so much for commenting. Be sure to do so again! ♥