Monday, April 11, 2011

Bob and Doug, and our Weekend.

Once upon a time, Brianna had a dinosaur named Ducky.

While Brianna went (with Ducky) to my parent's house for the night on Saturday, Sean and I got to do grown up things!  Like watch a horror movie and go out for lunch.  We slept in...and we went shopping and bought more toys for Brianna.

Two new dinosaurs, which after much discussion of prairie oysters and the big bopper, we finally gave proper names to.

Meet Bob and Doug.

Bob and Doug

Ducky, Bob, and Doug all seemed to get along great.  So they went to visit Scaredy Squirrel.

Scaredy Squirrel.

They though Scaredy was so awesome.

They decided to eat him.

Om nom nom.

 Poor Scaredy.  But Bob and Doug were hungry, eh?

Take off, Eh, Bob?

 Most Canadians (and some Americans) reading this will know who Bob and Doug are.  For the rest of you, here's a clip:

I have a post for Beltane coming tomorrow, anything anyone wants to see covered?

Goddess Bless,



  1. That Scaredy Squirrel, he's a hoser, eh? LOL, seriously.


  2. LOVE BOB AND DOUG!! remember their very bad movie about the beer factory? lol

  3. LOL! Absolutely. I was almost worried that no one would know who I was talking about...Glad I'm not the only one, eh? ♥