Thursday, March 10, 2011

Magickal Spring Activities for Everyone!

Celebrate the coming of spring and Ostara with a few easy activities that anyone can do!  Use recycled materials and things found in nature.  Do them with the kids or the family, or just by yourself!  It's supposed to be +5°C today, so I'm inspired!

Dried, Pressed, Flowers

Go for a walk and pick some flowers!  The delicate flowers springing up at the side of the road will be fine, delicate flowers dry better!  Place flowers between flattened coffee filters, and place the coffee filters in a large, heavy book.  The coffee filters will help dry out the flowers more quickly.  When dry, make a scrapbook page remembering your spring walk or make a spring card to send to a friend!

Bird Feeders

Now is the time of year when our feathered friends will be returning.  Welcome them back with a bird feeder or two!  The simplest bird feeder to make is simply a pine cone, spread with peanut butter, and rolled in birdseed.  Hang in a tree and you're set!  If you want to make something that is a little bit more of a project, make a milk carton bird feeder.  Most of us probably made something like this in school, but I'll include some simple instructions for those of us who've forgotten.  All you need is a milk carton (2 liter size is best), a chopstick, some wire, and any embellishments you'd like.  Cut openings about an inch and a half or two inches square on opposite sides of a clean carton.  Poke a hole underneath each and stick the chopstick through; this is the perch for the birds to sit on.  Poke wire through the top of the carton and make it long enough to hang in a tree.  Then embellish!  Use popsicle sticks for roof shingles, paint or markers to decorate.  What ever you'd like!  Fill with birdseed to a little below the openings, and hang out for the birds!

Tiny Herb Garden

Save some aluminum cans from soup or tomatoes.  Make sure their washed well, and peel the labels off.  You can use a nail and make a couple of holes in the bottom of the can, in case of over watering.  Decorate the cans with construction paper or scrap-booking paper.  Fill 2/3 full with potting soil and plant your seeds!  Put on a plate or platter, and set somewhere that it will get a good amount of sun. 

What do you do with your family to celebrate spring?

Goddess Bless,


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