Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Book of Shadows

One of the things that each of us has, as a Wiccan or Witch, is a Book of Shadows.  Some people keep theirs shrouded in secrecy, in the fashion of more ceremonial magick.  Some of us are more open with them, using them as a tool in the education of non-witches or new witches. 

When I first found Wicca, I had my BOS on the computer.  Or more accurately, on several *wince* floppy disks.  Yes, floppy disks.  They were colour coded and everything.  I slowly transitioned to a journal, because I enjoyed having a portable BOS.  That didn't last long, however.  I quickly realized that if I had my BOS in a journal I couldn't re-arrange the pages if I needed to, or decided that I should add an extra page on to the section on herbs or add just one more healing ritual in.  So I switched back to a computer, but only to type everything out and print it off.  I've had my BOS in a binder for many years now, and with page protectors I don't have to worry about the pages ripping out or spilling candle wax on the pages during ritual.  And if for some reason a page does get ruined or lost somehow, I can always print out another one.

I use a lime green binder, but I painted a moon Goddess on the front of it myself.  I really like the binders that have the insert in the cover, so you can just put something in and have it personalized just like that.  As a Hearth Witch, I always have to have a section for Sabbat recipes.  I have a section on healing and protection.  And then I have the "normal" stuff as well.

In the world of constant connection, you can find pretty much everything you need in a Book of Shadows online as well.  How many witches of the new generation are going to have a traditional Book of Shadows instead of just finding what they need online and the drop of a hat?  Or even *shudder* using an "app" to find a ritual.

What do you use for your Book of Shadows?  Do you still have one?

Goddess Bless,



  1. So far I've had 3. A binder, and 2 journals. The most recent is a really nice leather bound journal I found in a cool little shop.

  2. I loooove leather journals. The smell of them is so amazing. I collect journals and notebooks like crazy. I love little shops like that too :)

  3. I'm working on my 4th BOS. My new one a friend handmade for me and its just beautiful and very special. I have a leather bos also and i love the smell of it too! lol

  4. MidnightSage, You should post a picture on your blog of the one your friend handmade! I love handmade journals and books.