Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Homeschool or Public School?

We are in the midst of a debate about this.  Actually, we have been debating this since Brianna was kicking my tummy like a kick-boxer.  And by "we", I actually mean me and myself.  Sean says he will be happy with whatever I'm happy with, but I'll work on what he actually thinks about it after I'm actually able to form an idea. 

This great article at the Pagan Household today got me thinking about this.  Pagan Homeschooling, as the article is called, details just that.  It's a good article, whether you agree with homeschooling or not.  My hesitation to homeschool comes not from a dislike of it, it comes from my own, shall we say, short comings?  I know without a doubt that I would never be qualified in any way, shape or form to teach Brianna math or sciences.  Not that the school boards would say that, I say that.  I'm notoriously dense when it comes to math.  I can do the basics, but that's about it.  It has been so many years since I've had to do things like Algebra and Trig that I've lost all talent for it.  I used to be decent at math, I never failed it in school.  At the same time, I wouldn't want someone with the minimal knowledge that I have being paid to teach Brianna.  I would expect them to have a lot of knowledge, in any subject!

I think it would be wonderful to be able to homeschool.  I could teach her the basics of pretty much every subject, and the advanced in some.  I would look so forward to teaching her about English Literature and History, the geography of our country and the world.  I think that is one thing that is really lacking in school, is an appreciation of other countries.  I honestly don't think I could name all the states, and I don't know how many Americans could name all of our provinces.  I'm reminded of something a teacher told me once, a story of when he had been on vacation to the states.  Someone had asked where he was from, and he told them Manitoba.  To which they replied, "Oh, is that in Africa?"

I know that I have to make up my mind soon.  Sure, Brianna is only a year and a half old.  I also know myself fairly well, and I know that I'm going to make and unmake my decision a dozen times before she is old enough for school.  What I'm leaning toward at the moment is a blended program, which I'm lucky enough that our province offers.  The school can teach Brianna math and science, and I can teach her everything else.  Or something.  I have years to figure this out...right?

Were you homeschooled, or do you homeschool your children?  How do you enjoy it?

Goddess Bless,



  1. I homeschool mine, or should I say they learn pretty well by themselves with slight direction from us and we love every minute of our time together. Best decision we made...
    you should trust that when the time comes you will make the right decision for you and your family whether that be school or home school... I have learnt so much along side my children that I no longer worry that I cannot be the best teacher but only wonder about the best way to help them with what they decide to learn, it's a very natural process :)

  2. Thank you! What you have sounds a lot like what I want to have.

  3. I am in the middle of this decision myself, and my children are already in public school! My problem is that I have a special needs son and a regular ed son, so my special needs child needs help I cannot provide him, but I want the least amount of children in public education (I have 3 sons!) But next year, I am planning to fully homeschool one if not both of my school aged children and I can't wait!