Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Family Ostara Ritual

Quite a few Ostara rituals are done outside.  For us, this is incredibly impractical.  Not only is it snowing right now, it's supposed to snow for the next 4 days.  I don't mean any baby snow, either.  This is yet another blizzard.  We're called The Great White North for a reason, you know.

For this ritual, you will need:
3 candles, one each in pastels of yellow, blue and green.
A small bowl of sunflower seeds.
A jar or cup of milk.

6 - 12 wooden eggs, bought at a craft store
markers, crayons, etc.

Cast your circle, and begin your ritual as you would any other. While the ritual is happening, children to young to participate can decorate their eggs.

The green candle represents the earth and all the new life growing.  While thinking of the coming spring and the rebirth the occurs, light the green candle and say:

New life comes with the Turn of the Wheel,
The coming for spring we all now feel.
Green things Grow, creatures bold,
Roots of grass and tree take hold.

The yellow candle represents the sun.  Think of what the coming of spring and warmth mean for you and your family.  Light the yellow candle and say:

Equal again are night and day,
The earth is warmed with bright sun-ray.  

The blue candle represents the sky, divinity, and spirit.  Light the blue candle and say:

We thank you for the turning wheel,
The snow turning to rain,
The trees budding,
The flowers blooming,
The young animals growing.
By the growing light, and receding dark,
By the warming days and whispering wind,
We welcome spring, the next turn of life!

You can take a few moments/minutes to contemplate the coming of spring, but if the children are getting restless you can do that later. 

Take the seeds and sprinkle them on the ground.  Water them with the milk.  Say:

As the earth gives to us, so do we give to the earth.

You can now end the ritual as you see fit.

This will be my last post of the week, as we are getting on top of spring cleaning over the weekend!  Hope everyone has a wonderful Ostara. 

Goddess Bless,


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