Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ostara and Eostre

When you do an internet search for Ostara or Eostre, a lot of what comes up tells you how Eostre isn't a real Goddess, how she was made up by so and so, or comes from this.  A great, and also non-inflammatory, article about this can be found in's Wicca and Paganism section.  

You know what though?  It doesn't matter.  Gods and Goddesses live so long as there is belief in them, and some are born because people start believing in something.  Even if She wasn't a real goddess in ancient times, that doesn't take away from the reality of Her now.  We all know that belief can make or break anything.  From spellwork to everyday life, we have seen time and time again that belief is the key to all we do.  Call it belief, or faith, or whatever you will.  If you don't believe something will work, then it probably wont. 

Regardless of what you believe, we still celebrate Ostara because of spring, and the new beginnings it brings.  On Ostara we celebrate the Goddess and the God in their sacred joining, the union that will produce the Oak King in 9 months time. 

Do you believe that Eostre was a real Goddess?  Does it matter to you if she was or wasn't?

Goddess Bless,


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