Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Me, a guest poster? Again?

That's right!  Today you can see my Beltane craft post up at the Balanced Witch!  You can also see a cute picture of Rainbow Bright, since Brianna wouldn't sit still to model my wonderful creation. 

I'm not sure how many of you know that I'm going through my first degree training.  I'm not one of those who thinks that you have to be traditionally trained, I just felt it was the next step for me.  I've been doing this for a decade, it *might* be time for me to do something new.  Where I'm going with this, is that I'll be doing shorter posts over the next couple of days/weeks because I got every book on my reading list in the mail yesterday, and am looking at a foot high stack of books right now.  Okay, maybe not a foot.  Still, it's a lot of pages to read through. 

I'm also going to be having someone do a guest post soon!  So keep posted for that!

Thanks all!

Goddess Bless,



  1. I am a fairly structured person so more traditional training was a no-brainer for me. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for the guest post!!

  2. Oh, and your guest post made The #Witch Daily -

  3. Thanks, Sparrow! I did see that earlier. I love getting in #Witch and #Pagan Daily pages.

    Did you finish the degrees, or are you still doing them?