Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Importance of Love

Sorry it's been so long, everyone!  My internet is finally up and running with no bugs, so no worries any longer.  I'm sure I'm stating the obvious, but yesterday was Valentine's Day.  We aren't anti-valentines like some people, but neither am I bugging Sean to get me flowers and chocolate.  We had a nice steak lunch at home while Brianna napped, but we do that several times a year anyway.  I think Valentine's day is a nice idea, but among it's many flaws are the facts that it promotes the once a year celebration of love, and it excludes other family members. 

We should be showing love and affection to all our family members everyday.  Do you tell your spouse you love them everyday?  Do you tell your children you love them everyday?

I was inspired today by a post at The Broken Road.  If you haven't read this blog, you should.  But only if you have a box of Kleenex nearby.  Tiffany, writer of the blog, started it originally to share her families struggles with her son's Autism diagnosis.  Unfortunately it ended up a place where she is sharing her 9 month old daughter's death, as well.  Her store is heartbreaking, but her courage in the face of all of this is truly amazing.  It does bring to light the fact that life is unpredictable.  What's going to happen tomorrow?  We don't know.  If do tarot readings, scrying, runes or another clairvoyant endeavor, you might have an idea of where the future is headed.  However you still don't know. 

Here is where I'm going with this:  What do you want your last words spoken to your spouse to be?  To your children?

Telling your kids to put on jackets, telling your husband to pick up more milk on the way home, or Goddess forbid something angry? 

Expressions of love should be an everyday, and constant thing, and even the small things shouldn't be discounted.  Every touch, every breath, can be an expression of your love.  No one should live in a loveless home, and no one should have to live in a home where they are loved and don't know it. 

So tell your spouse you love them.  Not because it was Valentine's day yesterday, but because you love them!  Tell your children how happy you are to have them, because you know you wouldn't trade them for anything!  Tell all your friends and family.  There is no such thing as saying you love someone too much.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Sean and Brianna, taken shortly after coming home from the hospital.  Look at how he's holding her; with his arms wrapped so tight around her.  You can see expressions of love too, it doesn't always have to be told.

Goddess Bless,