Thursday, December 23, 2010


This blog has really taken off in the past month.  I've met some people on discussion boards who don't have more than 5 followers after a year of writing, and I'm not entirely sure what I've done that they haven't.  I'm still sort of dumbfounded that people want to read what I have to say.  Sean says I'm silly, but there you are.  So I just want to say thank you to all of the lovely people who have followed/read my blog, and those who will in the future.  Also, a huge thank you to all my followers on Twitter.  I will be having a giveaway in the new year, so keep an eye out for that!  You guys are awesome. 

Over the last week (time runs together for me, we all know this.  I may be wrong.) I was invited to meet an amazing group of people.  After chatting to them even for just this short time, I have to say I've never felt so supported in my path and in my life than I do now. So I just want to give a big Thank You to all of them...You know who you are.  I know that at least some of you read my blog.

That is pretty much all I have to say for today.  Just a huge thank you!

Goddess Bless, everyone!


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