Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well, I guess I knew it was coming.

What should we call it?  Weight loss?  Dieting? (gasp!)

Nope.  Let's call it being healthy.  As you already know if you have been reading my blog for the last week or so, Brianna and I have been walking on a regular basis.  Now that it is too cold for a walk, I've started doing aerobics while Brianna has her nap.

Today, I started Weight Watchers.  Not the "real" Weight Watchers, who has the money for that?!  Of course, it's a great program.  If I did have the money I would really sign up for it.  Instead, I got lists of what foods are worth which amount of points, bookmarked a points calculator and figured out how many points I was allowed to have.  I did this same thing (WW without the WW) when I wanted to lose some weight for Prom.  That was a very long time ago, and if I could go back and talk to myself I would smack me upside the head for wanting to lose any weight.  But I do remember that it worked, and I lost about 10 lbs.

I'm very much hoping that it works for me this time as well.  I have still got baby weight to lose, I'll admit it.  I wouldn't mind losing about 60 lbs.  I would LOVE to lose 80.  And trust me, I'm not trying to be skinny.  My target weight is between 130 and 145.  But I'll settle for something higher, as long as I'm eating healthier.  It would be really nice to have healthier habits in place before the holidays, and Yule dinner at our house and Christmas dinner at my parent's house and the New Year's murder mystery party with lots of appetizers and wine at my best friend's house.  We can hope, right? 

Right.  Keep telling me that.


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  1. I can certainly feel your pain on this topic. I lost 15 pounds by August and then gained 20 pounds when my daughter came to visit me late August. Yikes. I got one of those cleansing kits for 7 days and that is what I need to do. It usually helps.

    I can recall that I found it hard to deal with the excess body weight after having a baby, especially my first baby. Your body goes through so much change, it's to be expected. But I didn't realize that at the time. It just takes a little more time and the weight will come off.

    Btw, Brianna is a gorgeous name!!