Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A nice, quiet Tuesday

Which is odd, isn't it?  A quiet Tuesday?  Usually people say these things about Saturday or Sunday.  Sean was home today, that's the beauty of being married to a butcher.  He gets days in the middle of the week off, usually.  He is on a weekend rotation, so we usually get about one weekend a month with him home as well.

Today, however, we went for a walk.  A nice, family walk.  It was so chilly!  We bundled up Brianna in her parka for the first time.  It is so big on her!  Her hands got lost, so we had to roll the cuffs down.  She looked so super cute in it though.

We tossed a blanket over the stroller for most of the walk, because the wind was really biting!  It was a blustery sort of day.  Almost, I would say, a WINDSday.

Brianna and I usually take a walk everyday.  It's usually about a mile, I'm just starting to ease into exercising again.  After quitting smoking and starting to get my food choices back in order, it's just the next natural step.  It was so nice to have Sean come with us today.  It's also nice not to have to run after toys and cups when Brianna flings them out of the stroller. 

So this was our day.  We lazed around home, did 4(four!!) loads of laundry, and went for a walk.  It was an absolutely wonderful day.

Hope everyone else had a great day too!


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