Monday, November 22, 2010

Ritual Clothing...and a little funny.

Sean and I were recently discussing our need for new ritual clothing.  Having had mine for ten years now, it's very holey (HA!) and I've given it a proper burial, so to speak.  Sean has never had ritual clothes.  We were discussing what each of us thought was proper ritual attire, and we each had very different ideas on what we wanted.

I usually prefer to wear a simple broomstick skirt or a circle skirt, as well as a t-shirt.  The reason for this?  For one, it's washable.  The delicate lace and velvet that so many chose look great, but they aren't washable enough for me.  I like to be able to put something through the washer and not worry too much that the fabric is going to disintegrate.  Second, it's practical.  These are things that if I suddenly need to replace them, I can get just about anywhere.  Also, a short sleeved shirt has much less of a chance of catching on fire when accidentally placed over a candle.  I do like to wear a cloak when I have one, although I haven't in years.  Typically I like the colors of blue, white, or silver, mostly because a lot of the work I do involves healing.

Sean, on the other hand, wants a robe.  A green one, similar to a druid robe.  I think he likes green because of the balancing effect it has.  When I asked him what he would wear under it, he said, "do I need to wear anything?"  This is a man who wears a winter jacket in the middle of summer because "It's so freaking cold!!"  So we're slowly figuring it out.  The thing I really like about wearing Ritual clothing is that it picks up energy from the rituals you do while wearing it.  I mean, we can't go wrong with a bit more energy behind us, right?  I'm far from strict about it though.  Far from the clothes making the Witch, in this case the Witch makes the clothes!  Or at least tries, as much as possible.  In all seriousness though, none of us really needs special clothes to wear.  They can store energy and help us get in the right mindset, sure.  The real power, though, comes from the Goddess, the God and the Witch.

This conversation Sean and I had did get me thinking.  What does everyone else where for Rituals?  Regular clothing, or something special?  If I had all the money in the world, you bet I'd be wearing some serious period garb.  Sean would probably dress like Thor.  So, what do you wear for Rituals?  What would you wear if you could afford anything?

On a less serious but still pagan-y (paganesque?) note, Sean is having trouble saying pentagram lately.  We've been discussing banishing pentagrams.  So, what does he call it?  A pentagon.  Yeah, that's right.  He came over to me yesterday and said, "So, about those banishing pentagons..."  It took me a couple seconds, but I just cracked.  I laughed so hard I cried.  He looked so serious about it too!

So I just thought I would share the funny.

Goddess Bless!


  1. I tried to make a robe once, that was almost as funny as imagining Sean dressed as Thor. No offense meant, Sean, it just conjured an image in my mind that struck me funny.

    Since my sewing debacle, I found a white silk robe in a shop in Chinatown that I've worn ever since. It was only $10, but it's perfect for me. The arms aren't too draping so catching fire isn't a problem and it's a natural material that kind of simmers in candlelight. Since I've worn it so much, just putting it on shifts my mind out of the everyday.

  2. Oh Stacy, you are so right. I love the long pointy and wide sleeves on the witch dresses, but fire hazard came to mind right away! Though the witch makes the clothes, I always feel so special if I am dressed for the occasion. The right mind set as you mentioned. I admit that I bought a white dress and a green and black robe that were both on a great sale here at a shop. They are lightweight and I use them but not as much as I could. I often wear regular clothes for magic??? Slack or what? I'm too busy trying to catch the moon time at the right time with all the altar set up etc., my recipes, my words so clothes don't get much attention. Have fun, that's what matters and keep our intentions pure and harm ye none. That is too cute, the pentagon. But not so odd though, as they have been connected by some.

  3. I agree Jen. Sean would look a little ridiculous as Thor. Although maybe someway could be found to pull it off!

    And I also agree, you do feel special if you dress the part. I love it. And you're right, the pentagon and pentagram have been connected. I know that isn't what Sean was trying to say though. I bet he wishes it was!!