Sunday, November 21, 2010

Missing Persons

You know when you walk into a Walmart, they always have that wall of pictures up?  The ones of missing adults and children with the poor attempts of age progression?  This boy went missing when he was 3, can you recognize him now?  This girl ran away at 13, she should be 18 now.  Where is she?

Most of us walk by these walls without a second thought.  Sometimes, we will get caught by a picture, but usually that's because it is unusually clear compared to the almost 8-bit graininess of the others.  You hear a lot of that kind of thing in the news these days, like the missing McCann family here in Alberta.  Now, you never know anyone that you hear about in the news.  You've never met them, you've never talked to them.  That makes it easy not to care.

Since the weekend of November 14, this man, Martin Laing, has been missing from near my hometown.  Normally, I don't even read my hometown news.  My mother told me about this.  Why, you ask?  What's one more missing person?  This man is my mother's cousins son.  My mom confirmed it yesterday.  In some strange way, he and I are related.  Even if it is very far removed.  My mom has a huge family, so I'm not sure if I've ever even met him.  That doesn't really matter though.  What matters is someone from my (very extended) family has been missing for a week now.  And it doesn't matter if he IS from the very extended portion of my family.  He is still family.

I also know that out of all of the few people who look at my blog everyday, no one has probably even heard anything about this!  But I ask everyone to please keep him, and his (immediate) family, in your thoughts.

Goddess willing, they'll find him.


  1. Hi Stacy, I am sending prayers for Martin to be safe and return back to his family. Facebook has connected alot of people together. Might it be worthwhile to post it there? With a photo?Maybe someone has already done that, I don't know. All my best!!

  2. Thanks so much! It means a lot. Yes, I am fairly sure his family has already put things like this up. Thanks again.