Monday, March 5, 2012


Well, I've taken the plunge.  Upgraded to Timeline for my Facebook Page.

I'm not sure I like it, but since they are forcing everyone to make the change I might as well get it over with.  Apparently, it makes it more difficult to use Networked Blogs...we shall see.  I'm going to be in the process of switching my Author page over as well, but I'm a little stumped on what to use for a cover image.  Any suggestions?

By the by, I may be MIA for a day or two.  Our gentle snowstorm which started yesterday evening is slowly turning into a raging blizzard, so our internet might go out.

Goddess Bless,


  1. Hmm, Stacy, I don't have any problems with the Timeline and networked blogs. And I have a page for my blog where posts show up as they did before. Maybe I'm missing something? What have you heard about the problems with Timeline and the blogs?

  2. It's not so much a problem with the app not working, as I don't like the way it works with Timeline. I've noticed it groups all of the Networked Blogs posts into one post, instead of being separate - I can see myself having to do a lot of extra work to get things to show up separately.

    1. Reading through tis blog - so happy for you Stacey. Life seems long sometimes, you have been through many phases - I hope you are at peace Stacey. Be well. Be very well.