Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Sunday Dinner

There have been numerous sources state about the detriment it is that families don't eat at the table together anymore.  Something that I haven't seen a lot of though is the lack of Sunday dinners.

It wouldn't even have to be on Sunday.  Any day.  The whole family, gathering together for a special meal - not your normal weekday fair.  Maybe the Grandparents would come.  There would be a tablecloth, maybe even those special salt and pepper shakers received as a wedding gift, used only on what is deemed a special occasion.  The places are set just so.

It ceases to be a meal.  It becomes a ritual.  The ritual of the Sunday dinner.  Or Friday dinner, or Wednesday dinner.  Whatever works for the family.  It's more than just food, or the day it is on.  It is about community, and communal eating.  We aren't that far removed from societies who would live together, learn together, and survive together as a family.  Cooking and eating was communal - part of the reason potlucks are still so popular, I suspect.

The Sunday dinner gives us that time to be with the rest of our "tribe".  In a group with many ties together, by blood or choice.  It gives the opportunity for us to gather as we once did - as a community.  Pagans are awesome at this - we are seemingly addicted to potlucks.  So why save the communal eating just for major events?

What do you think?  Does your family still have a Sunday dinner?


  1. Kind of. We live with my MIL and space is limited so there is no sitting down at a table and eating together. But my MIL usually makes a more elaborate meal on Saturday or Sunday (normally Sunday). So we all enjoy a good meal together though we eat in the living room watching tv. So we don't really "talk".

    As houses have gotten smaller over the years there is no formal dining area now. Our table is very small and covered with junk food.

  2. Yep! We might not sit at the table during the week (or at least one of us does) but on the weekends, YES. It's family dinner night. :) It's important to do it imo.