Friday, January 27, 2012

How I Spent My Evening

Last night, the power went out.  Again.  It seems we've had a lot of power outages this year, more than normal.  So, while waiting up to listen for Brianna (as the monitors were off) this is how I spend my time:

Candles and books.  I had about 30 candles going.  What more do you really need?

Well, heat, for one thing.  Especially in a Canadian winter.  It was only just as I had gotten warm in bed that I realized I should go check that Brianna was covered.  So, out of bed I went to make sure she had her blankets on.  She didn't, so it's a good thing I checked.  I covered her up, went back to bed, and couldn't get warm again.  It was a fun night.  Can't you just hear my eyes rolling?

So, that was my night.  In updates, Sean is doing good, has his stress test on Tuesday.  He still has to call and make an appointment for a follow up, but I'm nudging him to do that today.

Also, have you seen Mrs.Oddly's awesome post?  Seriously.  Just go look at it.

Goddess Bless,

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  1. A witch can never have too many candles! when I was living in the apartments a neighbor asked to borrow a candle ( i have no idea how you borrow one, but any way) She just about swallowed her tongue when she saw how many and different ones I had. She asked me what I was doing with so many candles. I just shrugged and said: you never know.