Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Writing a Witch's Prayer

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In all honesty, it's Sean's day off today and I don't feel like blogging because we have WAY too much to do, haha.  This is an article I wrote that I never got around to posting.  It has subsequently been published in the summer issue of the Witches' Hour, but I had mentioned to the editor that I would be publishing it on my blog someday.  Go check out the Witches' Hour, though - it's great.

So often we as Witches, Wiccans or Pagans forget that prayer can be an important part of our lives. Many of us shy away from the use of the word prayer, either because of the traditional meanings of the word or the Abrahamic connotations.

Whether you feel like calling it prayer or not, the act of talking to deity in a personal manner is incredibly important. We as Witches and Pagans enjoy a personal relationship with our Gods and Goddesses. Meditations of course are wonderful for in depth conversations, but are we Witches or are we Witches? We should converse with deity where we want. We should talk with our deity when the need or want to speak with them strikes us, not wait until we can get to a proper place and cleanse the space.

There is a beautiful element of mysticism inherent in Paganism, but we need to remember that, above all, this is a way for us to live. This is a way for us to connect with the spiritual. We are spiritual beings! Prayer, or simply speaking to deity, can either follow a structure or flow from us as simply as breathing. Neither way is wrong, and each has their place. I see the more structured and elaborate prayer as more difficult. We have all looked up at the sky and spouted off to the Gods at some point, and that is as much of a prayer as anything else. We say things from the heart, and that has incredible meaning.

Equally meaningful is a prayer that you have composed yourself. It is of course so easy these days to find Pagan prayers online; it is not so easy to write your own. Writing your own prayers might be difficult for some but it is also rewarding.

So how to write your own prayer? There is a simple formula you can use as a basis, although the words of course must be your own. To start with, it's normal and also polite to say the name of the deity you are addressing. If you just throw your words out there, you can never be sure who is hearing them! You can address deity by name, or simply by Goddess, God, or Lord and Lady.

The second portion is a statement of intent. Why are you praying? Why are you talking with the Gods? For our purpose, we will say this is a prayer for protection while you are driving...I personally seem to attract people who like to cut me off.

The third portion should be a description of what you would be visualizing. White light, fire, or something that symbolizes what you see as protection, thanks, healing, or whatever else you are writing the prayer for.

The fourth portion should be a simple statement of what you want out of the prayer – healing for a specific ailment, to say thanks for a specific thing, or another request.

The fifth portion is optional. I always like to add a “so mote it be” or a “So may it be” to the end of my prayers. To me, it is only polite to let someone know that they can stop listening.

Goddess, protect me. Surround me with your glowing light. Keep me safe with your brightest blessings and allow me to arrive safely at my destination. So may it be.

When writing a basic prayer, this is an easy formula to follow! Of course you can keep adding things in until it feels right to you. When it comes down to it, that is what prayer really is – a heartfelt communication with the Gods.

Goddess Bless,

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