Monday, September 26, 2011

This is not a post. ?

Happy (?) Monday, all!

In typical Monday fashion, I've been super busy AND my internet is being a...well, you know.  It is cutting in and out and customer service has no idea what the heck is going on, so there is a tech coming out.  Eventually.  You know how techs are.

So I may be MIA for a couple of days.

FYI.  In the meantime, tell me what everyone is planning for October and Samhain!  October is my favorite month.

Goddess Bless,


  1. Pumpkin everything.

    I may turn orange in the process.

  2. ^Haha! There will be a fire and at least one huge thermos of spiced apple cider. Haven't figured the rest out yet.

  3. Mmm, yes, pumpkin everything! Samhain is also my and my husband's first wedding anniversary this year, so we're going all out -- SALEM FOR SAMHAIN, what! :)