Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bacon God

In relation to yesterday's post, I thought I would share this.  I found it randomly this morning, and it was to coincidental not to share.  Yes, that's right....The Church of Bacon.  Go to the site, click on Church of Bacon, go to Bacon 1:1 - 16 and that will bring you to the section that has this in it:  

1.) Before there was anything, there was bacon.   2.) Bacon thought this was pretty boring.  3.) So, Bacon said "Let there be stuff.", and there was stuff.  4.) Now this wasn't as boring as it had been, but it was still pretty boring.  5.) Bacon wanted stuff that moved, so Bacon said "Let there be stuff that moves."  6.) This was also less boring, but Bacon was still unsatisfied.  7.) Bacon thought, "Yeah, they move, but they're stupid.  They just run around and make noises and grunt at each other."  8.) So Bacon said "Beetleguese, Beetleguese, Beetleguese!"


That's it for today folks.  Have a Mabon party to go to tonight, and must get to baking!  

Goddess Bless,

Beetleguese, Beetleguese, Beetleguese!



  1. That site is just too funny. I can't believe you found it. Thanks for the.

    All Hail Bacon!!!

  2. Remember everything is better with bacon!