Wednesday, August 17, 2011


In our modern times, Tasseography is generally known as reading tea leaves.  The word itself has nothing to do with tea, however, it has to do with cups.  The french word for cup is tasse, and anything you drink from a cup that leaves some type of sediment can be read.  This includes wine and coffee.

For reading tea leaves, there are some really awesome cups that can be found with the zodiac on them and other hints to help you read the leaves.  Essentially, with tea leaves and with other sediments, what you are doing is analyzing the shapes.  Herbal teas do count as they leave a sediment.  It is best for the coffee and tea readings if you put the leaves or grounds directly into the water.  A white or light coloured tea cup is best.  If the cup is too dark or has a dark pattern, you won't be able to properly read the leaves.

The nature of reading sediments is that you need to recognize shapes.  It is a good idea to clear your mind before hand.  Who is most qualified to read your leaves?  Generally it is you!  Everything is subjective, and you will see things that you need to see that others may not.  Some people divide the cup into three sections, base, middle and rim.  There is an exhaustive list of what the symbols can mean.  There are probably as many different ways of reading tea leaves as there are those who do it, and you can find several online resources that are great.  Step by step instructions can be found at which are marvelously in-depth and include a list of symbols at the end.  

After looking through the instructions this is definitely one type of divination that I'm going to try!  If nothing else, the tea will be delicious!

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** I found the picture in several places online with no credits.  If you know who to credit, let me know. **

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