Monday, June 6, 2011

Pagan Family Values

As I'm sure is a redundant statement by now, June is Pagan Values Blogging Month.  My first one!  Yay!

If any of you have been paying attention over the past almost-year, you will have seen the multiple posts that I've put forth on family.  Family is important, one of the most important things to me.  But what are a Pagan families values?  The list for every family will be different, but here are a few that I consider important for my family.

Togetherness.  We love spending time together.  We don't even have to be doing anything.  Brianna can be playing with her legos on the floor, Sean will be reading a book, I'll be crocheting.  But we are all in the same room.  Brianna doesn't have a play room, I don't have a craft room.  We have a family room, and we spend time together in it.

Laughter.  Laughter is so important.  In my opinion, laughter is what connects souls together.  If you've ever been getting to know someone and shared a joke with them, you feel closer to them after you have shared that laugh.  Laughter is an intimate act, it's allowing someone to see you at one of your most happy times.  Laughter is a magickal bubbling of energy, and it's contagious!  As all acts of love and pleasure are her rituals, I think pleasure applies to this!

Trust and Honesty. While laughter might connect souls, trust is part of the glue that binds them.  When someone ceases to be honest with us, we lose trust in that person, and that in turn weakens the soul-bond between us.  When we trust someone, that bond is strengthened.

Forgiveness. We should always be ready to forgive our family.  The will stick by us when no one else will.  It is hurtful to hold a grudge on both sides.

Gratitude. Just say thanks!  It doesn't have to be anything elaborate.  Knowing that you are appreciated feels wonderful, doesn't it?  It feels that way for everyone!  We all want to be appreciated, but so many of us (myself included on occasion) forget to appreciate the people in our lives.  As strange as it may seem to say, think of training a puppy.  You use positive reinforcement; if you sit you'll get a treat.  People work the same way, only appreciation and gratitude are the treats.  If your child takes out the garbage without being asked for once, don't just think to yourself, "Finally!  Now maybe he'll do it every time."  If you take the time, all of a minute or two, to tell them you appreciate them taking the garbage out, that makes them feel good.  Feeling good is addictive.  They will do something else to get more praise.  And it doesn't just apply to household chores!  We take more joy in the things we do when we know that it will be appreciated.

Communication. If you don't communicate with each other, the above values can hardly be found.  Communication, the ability to convey what you mean to others, and to understand what others are conveying to you, is key to just about any relationship, not just family relationships.

These are just a few, of course.  They aren't all of the values I consider important, because that list could go on forever!  What are some of your family values?

Goddess Bless,



  1. Imagine that. Pagans have values like anyone else. I love it. And your family sounds lovely. I may have to answer your question on my blog tomorrow!

  2. I can't wait to see your answer! :)