Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Family Beltane Ritual

As per usual, here comes a ritual for you that is simple and meaningful, perfect to do with children or by yourself!


What you will need:

-A white candle
-A Red Candle (or whichever colour you associate with fertility) for each person.
-A jar with a lid
-Slips of paper
-pens or pencils
-Normal ritual supplies
-For children, (especially young ones!) you can give them yarn, string or ribbon to play with, and practice braiding.  If you have children that are old enough, you can have them light their own candles.

Cast your circle if your tradition does so, and call your quarters.  Invoke the Goddess and God. 

Light the white candle.  Say,

"Goddess, foster in us all signs of growth, in all ways.  Let our dreams find fertile ground."

Give everyone a couple of slips of paper and a pen.  On the pieces of paper you should write goals for the year; things you want to nurture into fruition.  One goal per piece of paper.  Don't help the little ones!  Let them scribble-write on the paper themselves.  If you want to write a goal for a small child on a different piece of paper, you can absolutely do so!

Open the jar.  One at a time, everyone should drop their goals into the jar, saying,

"These are the seeds of dreams.  As I nurture them, let them find fertile ground."

Close the jar.  Take the white candle, and from it, light your red candle.  Everyone who can should light their own candles.  Once all the candles are lit, say:

"As the air nurtures the flame, so to do we nurture our dreams.  Thoughts become ideas, ideas become dreams, dreams become goals, and goals become reality.  Goddess and God, help us to nurture our goals."

Let wax from each of the red candles drip on the lid of the jar, symbolizing the pouring of fertile energy onto your goals.  You can then sit and visualize on your goals for a few minutes, or for as long as any children around will let you.  You can then do any other magick you wish, or simple close the ritual.


This is a time of year when I always like to take stock of my life.  What goals do I have now, that I will need to start working toward?  What will I have to change about my life now, to achieve a goal for later?  One "yes" can mean saying no dozens of times.  If you say you have a goal but don't work toward it, is it really a goal?  You can say, "My goal is to get a raise by the end of 6 months".  You are saying Yes to your goal. That may mean you have to say no to a lot of other things; going out for drinks with friends because you need to finish a report, watching that favorite TV show because you have to work late one or two days a week.  It's all about what you say yes to; if you choose to go out with friends or watch your TV show instead, then obviously you aren't saying yes to your goal!  This is true in so many areas of our lives, and we really have to watch how we live, and choose to nurture what we truly want, instead of living on auto-pilot. 

What goals do you need to nurture this year?

Goddess Bless,


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