Thursday, April 7, 2011

Craft Magick

No, I'm not talking about the craft, just crafts!

When we take the time to make things, whether with our kids or by ourselves, do we realize what we are putting into it?  The very act of creation is sacred to so many Gods and Goddesses, and I think we oftentimes fail to see that we create things ourselves every day.

When we create something, it embodies us.  It is us, for that time.  Macaroni art with the kids or crocheting a scarf for a Yule gift, for that time that we are focused on creation we know some small part of what the Gods and Goddesses that shaped our lives and world were feeling.  The utter joy of creating something with our own hands.

I think we could all take it a step further, though.  For me, at least, when I crochet I can do it mindlessly.  I've been doing it for so many years now that I don't have to think at all when doing my most common stitches.  When I make things for a reason though...for a gift, or for my Etsy store, I concentrate much more.  And more than concentration, I put joy, happiness and hope into each item I make.  When someone holds or uses something that I've created, I want them to feel uplifted.

When you create something, what feelings do you put into it?

Goddess Bless,